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2 person game with 2 parts SetUp - remove the sloth cards from the deck of cards. These cards numbered Ace to King become the “Mystery Cards”

Part 1 Game starts with the black crokinole board. One person is red tokens and the other person is teal tokens

The object of the game is to flick the token into the circle with the number 5 Who Goes First : The two people take turns rolling the dice as the person who gets doubles gets to choose their color and they also flick their token first. However, you can knock off each other’s tokens while trying to keep your token on the board. If when your token stops it is on or is even touching the circle with the number 5, remove your token and pick up a Mystery Card and keep the card for the continuation part 2 game on the other side of the board. A player can also earn a bonus Mystery Card for the person who has the most points on the board after all tokens have been played. When your tokens are done and all Mystery Cards awarded, flip to part 2 board Part 2 SetUp Shuffle the remaining cards except DO NOT include the Mystery Cards (the sloth cards). Make sure each player still has their winning mystery sloth cards from the previous game in part 1. The remainder of the sloth “Mystery Cards” are discarded. For this game, the card values are : Ace - 1 Jack - 11 Queen - 12 King - 13 The remaining cards are valued at their number. Who Goes First : Use the Playdough and divide it into 2 parts for each player. Timer is set and each player has 30sec to complete the best sculpture. You need to find a family member to be the judge!! The winner gets to go first To play part 2 - use the erasers, (the flag and the no driving eraser), as each player’s token and place them at the number 1 on the board. The winner of the sculpture contest gets to choose their token. The winner of the sculpture contest goes first and flips a card from the pile. The next player then flips the next card. Then they will subtract the difference between the 2 flipped cards and whoever had the highest number moves forward on the board the difference between the 2 cards. For example, player 1 flips over a 10 and player 2 flips over a 3, then player 1 will move 7 squares on the board. The Mystery Cards (earned in Part 1) can be used at any point in the game of war to lessen the gap between numbers. For instance if player 1 plays a King worth 13 points and player 2 flips a card worth 5, the difference is 8. So player one gets to move his man 8 squares. However, if player 2 has a mystery card worth say 7, then player 2 can play his mystery card on top of the 5 and add them together to get 12. Now the difference is only one. Therefore player 1 will only move one square. This continues until one player reaches the finish line or past 20 first and wins the game.

The winner is the CrokinWar Champion!!!

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