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LEGO Vacation Game

Number of players: 2-4

Age recommendation: 3 and up

Objective: Be the first player to collect all 6 of your souvenirs to win the game.

Game pieces included: 1 black playing board 24 green tokens (6 each of numbers 1-4) 1 die 4 LEGO playing characters 4 Vacation Planner Cards (Canoe Trip, Museum Tour, Motocross Outing, Winter Adventure Excursion) 1 Building Board divided into 4 zones 4 number tokens to mark Building Board (numbered 1-4) 1 Souvenir Shop Board 24 Souvenirs (6 Canoe Trip Items, 6 Museum Artifacts, 6 Motocross Items, 6 Winter Adventure Items)

Set Up: To set up a game, shuffle green tokens and place randomly, numbered side down onto the dots of the black playing board. Do NOT look at which numbers are being placed in each space. Each player is given 1 Vacation Planner Card and their matching character (as shown on Vacation Planner Card). Use 4 number tokens to mark the Building Board sections (1-4). Each player chooses a number (and therefore section) to be their building zone. All Souvenirs can be set on the Souvenir Shop Board Finally, each player places their character on top of one token on the board.

How to Play: The youngest player goes first by rolling the die. Moving exactly the number on the die, the player moves their character onto a dot or green token. If there is no token on the space they land on, they wait for their next turn. If the player lands on a token, they can flip the token over to reveal a number. If it is the number that the current player chose for their building zone, the player can pick up the token and exchange it for one souvenir off of the Souvenir Shop Board. Players cannot redeem tokens for souvenirs that are not on their Vacation Planner Card. This souvenir should be immediately placed in their building zone and their turn is over. If the player does not reveal their chosen number, they turn the token back over and wait for their next turn.

Additional rules to keep the game moving along: Players cannot land on an occupied space (but they can move over them). Players cannot move onto spaces they have already moved across during their current turn (no hopping back and forth to get your tokens). Players cannot hide the number on the token that they revealed from the other players. Players must be patient with younger players when they pull LEGO pieces apart to play with. (See Variations on the game)

How to Win: The first player to collect all 6 of their souvenirs from their Vacation Planner Card wins!

Variations on the game: When playing with younger players, you can agree to keep the token numbers visible throughout the game. If you want a fast game, you can let players move less spaces than they roll on the die. Some players might prefer to just play with the souvenirs from their building area. That is okay as long as everyone is having fun! Remember, winning isn’t everything! You can make this a collaborative game by playing as a group and declaring the first completed zone the winning vacation!

Vacation Planner Cards:

Playing Board, Tokens & Playing Characters Pre-game:

Souvenir Shop:

Building Board Pre-Game:

Building Board with Completed Souvenir Sets Post Game:

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